CoW18: With great power comes great responsibility…

I played the Janitor at CoW18, and I've frothed about it before Specifically, I said it was; "In charge of recording and collating points awarded in the House Trophy competition; of maintaining 100% accurate IC paperwork; and of maintaining order amongst a community of characters built to rail against authority." This is more how I thought about it going in, and some bits of advice that might be of interest if you ever end up being Janitor.

Minos’ speech.

Another scrap of stuff that was on Facebook, and is now somewhere I can find it. This is what I can remember of a speech Minos used to give before big, important fights at Odyssey, and what it meant... "The people of the Middle Sea are watching" (So make it look good.) "The Drowned Dead... Continue Reading →

10 questions, my answers

Came across this in a failed Facebook search to find something else. Leaving it here in case anyone asks. 1. Who was your first LARP character? The first one whose name I can actually remember, was Soddit the berserker - who was named when a very bored admin at Peckforten Castle asked me for a... Continue Reading →

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