Professionally, I’m a product manager and user-experience designer for Neontribe, a web development company.

I’m also a larper. I play and (help) design and run live action roleplaying games.  I’ve been involved with games by Profound Decisions  for 12 years. I wrote for Empire, I helped design Odyssey  and helped run Maelstrom, which looked a bit like this. Before that, I helped run a faction for the Lorien Trust for 8 years, which involved running smaller larps for the Viper faction under the banner of Earthworks Manchester and Stab In The Back, and other events as part of other ad-hoc teams.  Way back in the day, I spent a weekend at a castle called Peckforten, then helped run a linear system called Overkill which started in 1983, I think, and lasted until a swansong in 1995.

Those two worlds cross over when I’m thinking about the sorts of experiences I want people to have at the games I help with. Some of the same issues, and some similar techniques for exploring at them, and all about people.

I’ve been meaning to blog about this for ages. Just to empty some of my brain out, so I organise and structure some of how I think about larp a bit. I’m no writer.

It might be worth mentioning comment moderation. Rule 7 applies. This is my blog, not a forum. Whether you agree or disagree with me, I’ll only publish comments that add something.  In most cases, this will not be a high bar to clear. If you want an argument, we can take it elsewhere.

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