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WIP: An alliterative model.

Ok, so even more than usual this is a work in progress, this is what I think good lrp is right now at 5pm on a late May afternoon after a couple of good chats with folk which got me to actually hit publish. Continue reading “WIP: An alliterative model.”

It’s a Secret…

Secret Cinema do “immersive experiences” based on films. You shows up, you’re in an immersive space, then you watch the film. Back in the day, you never knew what the film was. You showed up, not knowing what to expect, they took you somewhere, you watched something.

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Coulda, woulda, shoulda, didn’t…

In a sea of justified froth, a friend who played Empire was on Facebook expressing disappointment they’d not taken every perfect decision, and my knee jerked…

Lrp is *built* on regret. Regret for what was not done is the price we pay for astonishing memories of what was.

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My fun might not be your fun.

So, Claus Raasted just posted a set of thoughts about “fun-shaming”. I know for sure that my fun might not be your fun, and I’d prefer not to be pilloried for that.  Jonaya Kemper wrote a wall of text in response, and rather it end up lost forever in Zuckerberg’s Aether – here it is…

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Cow thoughts…

College of Wizardry is a lrp set in a college of magic based in a castle. It’s got professors, and lessons, a magical team game, house points and a house cup.

It has nothing to do with any Well-known Work of Wizarding Fiction.
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Str, Con, Dex, Int, Wis, Cha… (Episode 1 of 7)

Indulge me for a moment with an assertion that the difference between larp and tabletop roleplay is physicality. Continue reading “Str, Con, Dex, Int, Wis, Cha… (Episode 1 of 7)”

Equality and diversity in LRP, guest post by Andy Raff.

Andy doesn’t have a blog, and this kind of thing isn’t always backed up by such a lot of actual experience. Here it is.

So. Equality and diversity in LRP – practical basic steps. This is not going to be short, and it will include random swearing because I can’t help myself and I write how I talk.

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A taxonomy of UK larp, guest post by Jessie Cattes.

Another Facebook memorialisation, this time just a pair of comments. Someone posed the first question, and while I was gearing up to answer – Jessie not only actually did so, but answered another linked question – and this’ll do nicely as something to point folk to if I ever have to.
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Odyssey “retrospective”

In my professional life, we try and have a meeting after every chunk of every project to work out what happened, so next time we can improve what we can improve, and revel in what went well. There’s been a flattering number of paeans of praise for Odyssey – not all of them written by me – and I wanted to put down some thoughts on what I think I’d try different “next time” as well.   Continue reading “Odyssey “retrospective””

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