CoW18: With great power comes great responsibility…

I played the Janitor at CoW18, and I've frothed about it before Specifically, I said it was; "In charge of recording and collating points awarded in the House Trophy competition; of maintaining 100% accurate IC paperwork; and of maintaining order amongst a community of characters built to rail against authority." This is more how I thought about it going in, and some bits of advice that might be of interest if you ever end up being Janitor.

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CoW thoughts…

College of Wizardry is a lrp set in a college of magic based in a castle. It's got professors, and lessons, a magical team game, house points and a house cup.It has nothing to do with any Well-known Work of Wizarding Fiction...

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Win by losing.

Sing like no one is listening.Love like you’ve never been hurt.Dance like nobody’s watching,and live like it’s heaven on earth. I wrote this post about Odyssey a few years back (Edit: the Wayback Machine says it existed in March 2013). I've since found it's been done at least once elsewhere. Still, it was on the... Continue Reading →

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Armour cleaning 101: guest post by Tim Baker

Just one of those Facebook posts which might be useful one day. Nb: before you start, this advice is geared towards a 'practical' clean with a focus on long-term protection and maintenance of the armour. If you want another specific finish you might take a different approach and I would tweak the advice.Tim Baker, Facebook... Continue Reading →

All For Anvil

Somewhat oddly, given it's at least larp-ish, I didn't mention this year's first project here. It was my son Bill's idea - an adventure book called "All For Anvil". designed to teach folk about the Empire game rules and world. To my great joy, and Bill's delight, it got successfully funded on Kickstarter. All For... Continue Reading →


Just back from Midwinter larp, a genuinely gorgeous bit of genius.Get this for a pitch. You're an elf in Santa's toy workshop. You're working shifts to get the toys made on time. Deadline - well, there's one. 24th or bust. The pressure is on. Then, there's official toy-making process. Designed off-game to be as dysfunctional... Continue Reading →

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