A Midwinter Night’s Dream

I really wasn't going to run a larp in 2020. I was going to play a lot of larp, learn a lot, then come back in 2021. Then came COVID, and lockdown, and no face-to-face larps at all after Avalon LARP Studios' "Midwinter". That was not quite sufficient for a year. I did a couple... Continue Reading →

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Meet at the tavern: online roleplaying

It's a very familiar fantasy trope. There's an isolated tavern in an isolated village and you're there to adventure. I think the first time I stepped in the door of somewhere like this, it was December 1979, the tavern was in a keep on the borderlands, and the point was we are all off to... Continue Reading →

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A Midwinter Night’s Dream: an online larp

Once upon a time, there was an event called "Twilight Theatre", the pitch of which was "The fae are real, they're waking up, and their magic is based on performance." The dream of Helly and Rob, it ran for a couple of events in a pub theatre in Camden and I had the bucket-list role... Continue Reading →

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Access and Lessons in Medieval Combat: a guest post by Tim Baker.

Tim Baker writes "This article came about because of the worries expressed by a friend about learning to fight, due to accessibility issues, then wondering both what advice I could offer and how I could adjust my own teaching. For anyone who does not want to read the whole thing for my conclusions, the short version is: communication is powerful and respect each other."

Rule 7: a confession.

I've been trying to evidence this one, to no real success. You'll just have to trust me, unless anything shows up. Facebook, 31st October 2020 Edited to add: Something I've no reason to doubt has shown up - see above - the rest of this is as originally written.I'm the one who coined "Rule 7:... Continue Reading →

Food at LARP

I've been meaning to write a post on food at larp for some time. By food at larp, I mean not the mass catering element. There's others that know so much more of that than I do. I mean stitching feeding into the body of a larp, so that it's as much a part of... Continue Reading →

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