Daemon (UK)

I played the Danish run with the fabulous Linnea as my character's snake daemon. I’m extremely happy to say that I’m producing Katrine Wind’s larp "Daemon" in the UK. I played a run in Denmark earlier this year, and had a glorious time. It leans heavily on Kant and Pullman, and I heartily recommend the... Continue Reading →

Props for Daemon (Denmark run 1)

I was at a larp called Daemon recently - more here. These are just the "scientific" papers I variously plagiarised, invented, and gratefully received from others. There here so I can find them later, or if anyone who ends up playing the larp could find any use for them. I guess this a Pullman fanfic.... Continue Reading →

After action report: Daemon (Denmark run 1)

Daemon was a larp set in the world of Phillip Pullman’s His Dark Materials, after the events of the books. There’s heavy spoilers in the post, which might matter because there will be re-runs, and you might not want to know much of Professor Rowan McMillen; with Cecilia his snake daemon.  There’s more at the... Continue Reading →

Meet at the Midwinter Feast

I've said before how much I enjoy the "Tavern Quest" games run by Omen Star. It's the most marvellous lightweight lockdown experience of mutually agreed storytelling, based on some sketchy tropes nailed together with so much plagiarism that it counts as research. Your characters meet up the night before some momentous event, and play what... Continue Reading →

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