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Win by losing.

Sing like no one is listening.
Love like you’ve never been hurt.
Dance like nobody’s watching,
and live like it’s heaven on earth.

I wrote this post about Odyssey a few years back. I’ve since found it’s been done at least once elsewhere.

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Roleplaying in *videogames* Good god, folks!

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The hole in my tooth.

I am trying to get better at the habit of grabbing bits of Facebook, and sticking them here with a few more additional thoughts, so I can find them later. Here’s another.

Once upon a time in Facebookland, Mr Andy Raff said….
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Joining the dots.

I wrote a bit about stories in larp a while ago then along comes Ian Thomas and absolutely smashes it with this piece. It starts with the observation that larp is about the stories afterwards. About the froth, if you will. That’s when I started waving my cheerleader’s pom-poms.
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As a descriptor. LRP is closer to “sport” than “role-playing game”. This is because club games, 30 person intense interactives, and fest LRPs are actually entirely different experiences lumped together by a couple of basic shared attributes.

(From a Facebook post by Mr Andy Raff. Probably friends-only, but I figure he won’t mind if I put it here to remember it. I agree with him, anyway.)

Things I think would improve “immersive theatre”. Part 1.

Last year, I went to New Atlantis, billed, if I recall correctly,  as a piece of immersive theatre with a campaigning remit for acting on climate change. Reviews were mixed: this is the Londonist‘s view, and this from the Arts Desk. Those will give you the shape of the piece. I’d not read either when I went, and imagined it’d be perfect for me; I know a bit about science, I like immersive events. Possibly I’m being a bit harsh, but… Yeah, I didn’t find much to actually love either. Continue reading “Things I think would improve “immersive theatre”. Part 1.”

I spent quite a chunk of last weekend working as hard as I have in years to provide the catering for a 1950s Christmas themed ghost-splattered-murder-mystery-social-catharsis larp-event. It was – simply – a stunning effort by Crooked House. Many words have been written about its writing, plotting, props and stories from it will live a long while.

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I should get round to writing something about it, really.

Still, nice to get a namecheck for the Empire promo, even if they didn’t use the HU version…

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Guest post: Matt Pennington on drugs, roleplay and validation.

Matt Pennington of Profound Decisions is prone to posting wisdom in Facebook comment, and it has mildly irritated me in the past that the transient nature of comments means that wisdom is lost. He did it again today, and I’ve asked if I can post it here. All that follows is his words, verbatim.

“We did plan to do drugs for Empire – and we still may – but they ended up falling through the design gaps which was a shame. I think there are some fascinating things to say about LRP drugs – to do with ideas around the powers of auto-suggestion/self-hypnosis.

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