Writing the winds of war: guest post by Andy Raff.

Another pearl from Zuckerberg’s trough… Formal military “downtime” is one of UK fest lrp Empire’s design decisions. It’s very lightweight: one button click for those who opt-in. It’s heavily impacted by play at events: every battle and skirmish has some degree of impact, as do the decisions of politicians and military leaders. It’s all about making uptime drama out of an off-stage campaign, and how it’s impacted and affected by actions at the events.

Here, PD employee Andy Raff explains how it’s delivered to players, in a set of wiki pages called the Winds Of War. (Example here….)

That said – this is the one to read.  That’s the food for roleplay good downtime gives you.

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#kp2018 liveblog: The lie of immersion

Day 2, and I’ve already missed one of the sessions I came here for.

But this is two guys who are agile and lean startup coaches talking about the “lie of immersion”. I mean, what’s not to like. (Well, apart from the fact I use “immersion” to mean something entirely different to everyone else here…)

You could skip the majority of the liveblogging and simply check out their deck.

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