Minos’ speech.

Another scrap of stuff that was on Facebook, and is now somewhere I can find it. This is what I can remember of a speech Minos used to give before big, important fights at Odyssey, and what it meant…

10 questions, my answers

Came across this in a failed Facebook search to find something else. Leaving it here in case anyone asks. 1. Who was your first LARP character? The first one whose name I can actually remember, was Soddit the berserker - who was named when a very bored admin at Peckforten Castle asked me for a... Continue Reading →

A manifesto for better larp feedback

This from Gail Poulton particularly resonates because I've just been part of the delivery team for a larp which had some level of positive public feedback, but which I know had flaws that I'd like to explore. This seems like a damned good way of doing that. Also, I have a terrible weakness for Things Described... Continue Reading →

Collapsible tips and “stab safety”…

I'm not myself a fan of the term "stab safe". Nothing is really safe, but it's usage makes it so. Nothing need be dangerous, if handled correctly. I've had fights that felt perfectly safe using metal weapons, I've seen concussion delivered by a badly used latex/foam thing. But... But some things are safer than others, and... Continue Reading →

Crewing The Quota: guest post by Erin Marsh

Another crew experience.... "It is a Thursday afternoon, sunny, warm. I am not outside soaking it up, instead I’m elbows deep in a suitcase, rummaging through someone’s underwear looking for chocolate and hard drugs." "Fake drugs, just to put that out there - tic tacs or sugar in little baggies, usually. I am crewing an... Continue Reading →

Playing the Quota: guest post by Julian Lynch

First post I've seen from the player perspective. "So, the Quota... it was a very interesting experience. Type 2 fun indeed." "For those who don't know it was a very Nordic lrp based around being in an immigration detention centre trying to get out of an economically and politically collapsing England and into Wales. The... Continue Reading →

Crewing The Quota: guest post by Charlie Holdway

Another set of Facebook posts, this time by Charlie Holdway. Starting with this, written during the event, which I absolutely love... "Crewing Quota. Report so far. Intense. Holy shit some people play hard. Further info later. May video journal." Post 2 - post-event. "These are the characters I played (except in Black Box scenarios) for... Continue Reading →

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