#kp2018 liveblog: Connecting the blues and larp.

As I was on the way to “You look like I want to play with you“, I helped someone open up a room for her talk. Turns out is was to be about Valley of Shadow which “which heavily relied on blues dancing as a communication tool.” I explained I knew the perfect people to attend the session, but they were hundreds of miles away. And then it occured I could attend for them..

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#kp2018: Sleep now.

Just before that, I was writing this just outside the lift and had an interesting chat with a historian, Ragnhild Hutchison. She underlined a thing not to forget for Wing and a Prayer – make our big departures from history nice and clear in the de-brief, so all the folk there know what was real in the game, and what wasn’t. What’s close to re-enactment, and what’s departure from history to make a better experience. Which is a useful reminder.

And we talked about rituals, and learning from larp, and how you can use it as a tool to understand other people.

And she pondered why they were no larps about parenthood, and I got to froth about how Empire treats its young citizens-to-be, about how much Bill enjoys the Academy and how that works, and how young larpers at Empire are simply – IC – characters who are younger.

So that led on to the Nordic tradition of Edu-lrp, I mentioned Game of Roses a bit, and she gave me a name of someone else to talk to tomorrow.

So it’s been pretty good here, all in all. It’s a marathon, not a sprint.

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