Odyssey “retrospective”

In my professional life, we try and have a meeting after every chunk of every project to work out what happened, so next time we can improve what we can improve, and revel in what went well. There’s been a flattering number of paeans of praise for Odyssey – not all of them written by me – and I wanted to put down some thoughts on what I think I’d try different “next time” as well.   Continue reading “Odyssey “retrospective””

Odyssey stories: a guest post by many hands

A while back I collected some stories about Odyssey, in a format I thought I’d find useful for thinking about the kinds of stories people tell about their characters. I promised at the time I’d redact the personal information, and publish in the Public Domain.

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The Game of Roses 1: early blogging

“I’ll drown you in the malmsey-butt within.”

The Life and Death of Richard the Third (I.3)

I promised myself I’d blog the process of developing the game; a promise that didn’t last as long as it might have done.

However, I do have some drafts – these are verbatim from earlier this year, and mainly for me to be honest, but if you do read’em, please forgive errors and inaccuracies. Notably the dates – I never recorded them.

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The beginning of The Game of Roses: “1483: an educational lrp”

“Now is the winter of our discontent
Made glorious summer by this sun of York.”

The Life and Death of Richard the Third (1.1)

I’ve known Duncan Rowe for years, and early this year something we’d been kicking around for some time crystalised: an educational lrp for his sixth form students, teaching them about the Wars of the Roses.

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