Odyssey “retrospective”

In my professional life, we try and have a meeting after every chunk of every project to work out what happened, so next time we can improve what we can improve, and revel in what went well. There’s been a flattering number of paeans of praise for Odyssey – not all of them written by me – and I wanted to put down some thoughts on what I think I’d try different “next time” as well.   Continue reading “Odyssey “retrospective””

Odyssey stories: a guest post by many hands

A while back I collected some stories about Odyssey, in a format I thought I’d find useful for thinking about the kinds of stories people tell about their characters. I promised at the time I’d redact the personal information, and publish in the Public Domain.

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The Game of Roses 1: early blogging

“I’ll drown you in the malmsey-butt within.”

The Life and Death of Richard the Third (I.3)

I promised myself I’d blog the process of developing the game; a promise that didn’t last as long as it might have done.

However, I do have some drafts – these are verbatim from earlier this year, and mainly for me to be honest, but if you do read’em, please forgive errors and inaccuracies. Notably the dates – I never recorded them.

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