Crewing The Quota: guest post by Sarah Cook.

This is a couple of posts by Sarah Cook on her experiences of crewing The Quota which I've nailed together. Post 1 "Back from crewing for @The Quota, a Broken Dreams larp and Avalon Larp studio game where I was three distinctly, differently awful people. Unlike my usual awful people, none of them were funny characters. There... Continue Reading →

The Quota: guest posts

Helly and Rob came for dinner and we talked about bleak Nordic prison larps. I said "shall we do one?" and Helly said "Actually, I have this idea..." So said Simon Brind. The Quota was "a live role-play experience designed to explore some of the pressures and crisis points experienced by refugees and migrants" I've... Continue Reading →

Writing the winds of war: guest post by Andy Raff.

Another pearl from Zuckerberg's trough... Formal military "downtime" is one of UK fest lrp Empire's design decisions. It's very lightweight: one button click for those who opt-in. It's heavily impacted by play at events: every battle and skirmish has some degree of impact, as do the decisions of politicians and military leaders. It's all about making... Continue Reading →

#kp2018 liveblog: Deconstructing Hamlet

A larp based on "The Marxist burlesque" interpretation of Hamlet. Inside Hamlet is almost now a series of larps, a tradition of larps based on the tale of Hamlet, with a design that lurches from theft and plagiarism of design ideas from earlier incarnations and other larps. This is as much of its story as... Continue Reading →

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