Monica’s spicy roasts volume 6: What If Larps Were People? A guest post by Monica

Another gem from prised from the maw of Zuckerberg. Not meant with malice; it casts shade on events and traditions I love and used to love alike. It’s a Friday lunchtime, and what are Friday lunchtimes for if not sharing stuff that makes you smile?

The Lorien Trust: Joss Whedon.

Truly groundbreaking in his time, introduced so many people to the culture that he is often credited with being the source of it, people have such fond memories of his early contributions. Sadly, failed to keep pace with how his audience grew up, is now seen as quaint at best and deeply problematic at worst, except by an inexplicably loyal fanbase that contains nobody under the age of 30.

Curious Pastimes: Nathan Fillion

Joss Whedon’s buddy who stood and watched as he did shitty things, and did nothing about it because “he’s just like that”, while quietly distancing himself and making a modestly successful career elsewhere. May eventually evolve into Alan Tudyk (wildly successful and completely divorced from the Whedon legacy), and with more work, the ultimate evolution of Anthony Head.

Profound Decisions: Robert Downey Jr

Bit of a rocky early career marred with bad decisions that seemed like a good idea at the time, and some amount of introspection. Luckily, most of his most vocal fans these days are too young to remember. Doesn’t always put enough thought into things, even now, and occasionally comes out with something that will sharply remind you that he’s gen X and has worked with Joss Whedon.

Eyelarp: An anarchocommunist collective of tiktok teens

No further explanation needed.

Northern Kingdoms: Sad white boy filled with millennial ennui

He’s that one friend you have that came within an inch of being radicalised by 4chan in his teens and only managed to escape it because a few friends, probably chief amongst them a woman, went above and beyond in pursuit of his emotional rehabilitation. You love him dearly but he comes out with some really fucking weird shit sometimes, because he’s still occasionally hanging out on the dodgy side of the internet.

Fools and Heroes: Handforth Parish Council Runs A Larp

Occasionally they get a Jackie Weaver and become relevant to the zeitgeist but it’s mostly a circlejerk on aled’s ipad.

Nordic Larp: Gwyneth Paltrow

While she has some good ideas in a broad sense – workshop your feelings, tailor your content, set expectations, use content warnings liberally, it seems to all be a scheme to make you pay to put things in your vagina.

German Larp: Jared Leto

Your commitment to method acting is only impressive if you manage to create an experience that’s actually fun, unfortunately what you’ve done is create a misery engine. Some people are into it though.

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