CoW25: Before I forget.

A few months back, I was asked to be the Head of School at Czocha College of Witchcraft and Wizardry. I'm just back, and this a few thoughts before I forget it all... Czocha college of witchcraft and wizardry It's one hell of a ride. I've been responsible for players' enjoyment of a game before... Continue Reading →

After action report: Dead Air

Dead Air was an Ars Magica larp set in the Alps tribunal, written by the old hands of the "Greater Alps Knitting Circle", and produced by Carcosa Dreams. One of two objectives from my character brief. Written for me by a 6yr old, so I wouldn't forget. Characters were mages of the Order of Hermes... Continue Reading →

CoW25: Professors

I've played staff once at CoW, and I absolutely loved it. It's precisely my style of play: play to lift, I suspect it's called now. You're helping make other folks’ experience magical, as much as you are making your own, and it's glorious. When I played staff at CoW18, I was inspired by the BBC... Continue Reading →

CoW25: Seniors

CoW25 is inspired by the kind of play Seniors have always brought to Czocha. There’s always been an undercurrent of “This is our last year”. (I say “always”, I’ve only been twice. Both times, though, Seniors were bringing their ‘A’ game to themes like “Time to move on”, “Are you the one for me?” and... Continue Reading →

Cow 25: Sophomores

Faust at CoW12: I mean, look at these people. Photo by Defy Gravity Photography  I’ve never been a Sophomore at a College of Wizardry, but I’ve felt their game lacked a bit of structure from the organisers. Of course, they go to lessons, just like everyone, might play a bit of Fireball Dragon, and maybe get... Continue Reading →

Game of Roses 2022

I'm decompressing from Game of Roses 2022 right now. Thinking started back in 2016, and the first run was in a field in 2018. Since then, it's run twice in St Martin's in Norwich, thanks to Norwich Historic Churches Trust. Seems it's possible not only to get lightning back in a bottle, but back out... Continue Reading →

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