Fairweather Manor 5: Story first.

tl;dr - unless you’re pathologically interested in stories of What I Did, and What My Character Was Thinking, I'd avoid. This is just a long stream of me-me-me. After a decade or so of thinking That Kind Of Thing Really Wasn’t For Me, I went to my first larp outside of the UK last year.... Continue Reading →

Minos’ speech.

Another scrap of stuff that was on Facebook, and is now somewhere I can find it. This is what I can remember of a speech Minos used to give before big, important fights at Odyssey, and what it meant…

10 questions, my answers

Came across this in a failed Facebook search to find something else. Leaving it here in case anyone asks. 1. Who was your first LARP character? The first one whose name I can actually remember, was Soddit the berserker - who was named when a very bored admin at Peckforten Castle asked me for a... Continue Reading →

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