Writing the winds of war: guest post by Andy Raff.

Another pearl from Zuckerberg's trough... Formal military "downtime" is one of UK fest lrp Empire's design decisions. It's very lightweight: one button click for those who opt-in. It's heavily impacted by play at events: every battle and skirmish has some degree of impact, as do the decisions of politicians and military leaders. It's all about making... Continue Reading →

Larp musings, a guest post by Sarah Cook.

Another jewel plucked from Zuckerberg's gutter, is this. Every word below here is by Sarah Cook. I read this as a more poetic articulation of "win by losing", and all the better for it. (On that, once you're done here, go read susanne vejdemo's lovely "Play to lift" too.)  I said somewhere that no one wants... Continue Reading →

Strange Food.

It seems that every two years or so, I'm unable to resist the need to do something ridiculous in the line of catering, and the last couple of times it's been for lrp events. In 2015, Rupert Redington, Pru Greenwood and I did a 50s themed Christmas for Crooked House, and this year Megan Lloyd... Continue Reading →

…and be loved in return.

In an earlier post, I waxed lyrical about Secret Cinema: Moulin Rouge. So good, I went three times. Now the show is over, here's some secrets... Essentially, you could watch the story twice: once live, in a set of the streets of Montmatre, and once on film, in a set of the Moulin Rouge itself.... Continue Reading →

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