Props for Daemon (Denmark run 1)

I was at a larp called Daemon recently - more here. These are just the "scientific" papers I variously plagiarised, invented, and gratefully received from others. There here so I can find them later, or if anyone who ends up playing the larp could find any use for them. I guess this a Pullman fanfic.... Continue Reading →

Access and Lessons in Medieval Combat: a guest post by Tim Baker.

Tim Baker writes "This article came about because of the worries expressed by a friend about learning to fight, due to accessibility issues, then wondering both what advice I could offer and how I could adjust my own teaching. For anyone who does not want to read the whole thing for my conclusions, the short version is: communication is powerful and respect each other."

Rule 7: a confession.

I've been trying to evidence this one, to no real success. You'll just have to trust me, unless anything shows up. Facebook, 31st October 2020 Edited to add: Something I've no reason to doubt has shown up - see above - the rest of this is as originally written.I'm the one who coined "Rule 7:... Continue Reading →

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