Cow 25: Sophomores

Faust at CoW12: I mean, look at these people. Photo by Defy Gravity Photography 

I’ve never been a Sophomore at a College of Wizardry, but I’ve felt their game lacked a bit of structure from the organisers. Of course, they go to lessons, just like everyone, might play a bit of Fireball Dragon, and maybe get a date to the Ball. There’s enough, and space to bring their own game. I’ve seen them have a load of fun with plots they made themselves and the roles they are given in every CoW.  I’ve seen some of them involved in the most marvelous relationship play. (A group of 8 Faust players at my first CoW constructed an intricate web of awful relationships and happiness that could never be. It was beautiful to watch.) I’ve really enjoyed my character being mentored by one. (An utterly fabulous player, and if she’d not been my mentor, I’d never have had the fabulous scenes we’ve had since.)

However, I’m pleased to see the extra stuff Sophomores have at CoW 25. It’s partly the Graduation theme. There’ll soon be room at the top, so that’s a really big personal goal if you want in. There’s something else new to get involved with, which is yours to shape.  And there’s a solid achievement to help Juniors with at the end of their first year. 

Help your Junior mentee get their first year Confirmed.

I wrote about the Junior experience of Confirmation over here. My hunch is that newcomers to CoW are more likely to get cast as Juniors. For me, there’s great joy to be had in helping one of these folk get sucked in to the CoW experience. It’s what I loved about being Janitor. I don’t know how mentor/mentee pairs are cast. Mine must have come out in play, and given I had no choice, I was lucky to get such an excellent mentor relationship. At CoW25, those pairings will be known at the start of game. I’m sure that if you sign up as a pair, you’ll be cast as a pair. What you will have is someone to roleplay with, which is especially handy if you’re going solo but I’m loving it in general. Do come talk to your headmaster if you want any help. My Head is absolutely there for that, unless you want it to be tough. Feel free to get in touch beforehand, either way.

Take charge of your Club Challenge

I’m a real fan of “stunt larp”: bringing a scene you will be remembered by. When I was Janitor, there was a particular student who ended the game as a notorious prankster and I’m pretty sure he came with that in mind. This CoW’s “club challenges” are ideally suited to that mode of play. The deal is: at the end of term, all the student societies perform a notable deed. Something for their members to be remembered by that year. I am damned sure there won’t be one per society. I’m sure any club member who wants to will be putting something together, and it’s the Sophomores who’ll be key to getting that organised in game and getting the students as a whole to vote for their favourite during the Ball. The societies I know of include the performers of the Horse without Wings, the pranksters of the Ancient Order of Mischief, and I’m sure there’s more to come. The result will be announced alongside the House Cup. It’s a serious business if you’re into that kind of thing, and what deeds are done is down to players. Fill your boots.

Participate in Prefect selection

The Seniors are still here, but this is the last of their time at Czocha. As a Sophomore, you might want to help them with their Seniors’ Trial. After all, there’s the reputation of the House to be thought of and it’s your House too. However, the real challenge is for the future. Two of this year’s Sophomores will be next year’s Prefects, and I’m hoping it’s a competition. I don’t know yet how it’ll work, but I do know each House will have its own process. Players will be involved in designing it before the game, for sure. The current prefects will be responsible for arranging it all during the event, and every Sophomore can decide to run themselves, or support someone else. It’s a whole new thing for CoW.

There’s a lot to do if you want in, and space for your own stories too. You can get your ticket here.

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