Daemon (UK) – acceptable behaviour

These are rules; if you don’t think you can keep to them, please do not sign-up for the event. We’ve tried to keep them as simple as possible, and we’re confident that they’re reasonable and fit for purpose.

Initially based on Snakepit Model Equality and Diversity, and Acceptable Behavior Policy v 0.5.5 by Doug McGregor, as updated by Amy Flowers and Dave Proctor, 2018.

You must not:

  • Discriminate against others based on out-of-character attributes (including: age, physical appearance, sex and/or gender identities including transgender status, race, culture, disability, neurodivergence, nationality, religion, parental status, breastfeeding choices, class or social status, sexuality or relationship choices.)
  • Use derogatory or bigoted language based on out-of-character attributes
  • Criticise someone for using accessibility aids eg. wheelchair
  • Sexually harass other participants
  • Make references to certain unacceptable themes
  • Use illegal substances on site.
  • Film or photograph others without their consent
  • Interfere with another participant’s belongings or mobility aids
  • Attempt to shrug off responsibility for your actions, including by claiming they were in-character

You should:

  • Try to refer to mixed gender groups with gender-inclusive language
  • Respect other people if they ask you to stop doing something 
  • Let one of the game team know if someone or something is making you feel uncomfortable

We reserve the right to refuse a booking from any person without giving a reason.

Please note that that Daemon explicitly includes the following theme, and in-character discrimination will be encouraged on these attributes.  

  • Social or economic class

Unacceptable themes to roleplay at this game are:

  • Discrimination on the basis of any out-of-character attribute previously described
  • Eating disorders (such as anorexia, bulimia, etc)
  • Infanticide (i.e. the intentional killing of an infant – aged 12 months or less)
  • Abortion
  • Miscarriage and stillbirth
  • Slavery, particularly around the Atlantic Slave Trade.
  • Non-consensual sex
  • Sex involving minors
  • References to real-world religions and cultures; specifically we will not be using the term “Gyptians” in the game.

In addition, the following themes should be roleplayed with carefully, with an awareness that they may distress other players.

  • Consensual sexual contact
  • Physical abuse
  • Mental illness
  • Self-harm and suicide

We will covering meta-techniques for roleplaying around consensual sexual contact and physical abuse in workshops before the game.

The lists of potentially distressing themes are not exhaustive and are based on our experiences. If there is something you would like added to this list to make your game more comfortable, please email us.

If you break this policy, we may:

  • Issue you a warning and/or discuss the situation with you
  • Ban you from attending future events
  • Ask you to leave the event
  • Share certain information with other organisers, at our discretion
  • Take legal action, if the situation is sufficiently serious


Any attendee is welcome to bring a complaint to a member of the Game Team who will be clearly identified throughout the event. Complaints can be on behalf of yourself or somebody else.

We will:

  • Take all complaints seriously and act on them based on our best judgement
  • Respect the wishes of any complainant about involving external bodies such as the police unless we believe there is a serious risk of imminent harm in doing so
  • Keep a log of all complaints accessible only to the Game Team
  • Keep your information confidential, especially around complaints
  • Aim to provide any reasonable adjustment needed to improve accessibility

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