All for design: the thoughtful one

I was going to get round to writing a design post for All For One.

Now Ian Thomas has, and I don’t need to.

It’s ace, and it’s here.

I’ve since written something that covers the same journey, but brings learning from All For One and Wing And A Prayer together.

It’s over here.

3 thoughts on “All for design: the thoughtful one

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  1. That was a wonderful read! I remember seeing posts about this LARP pop up before it ran, but I see now I misunderstood the structure and concept. I hope there will be another run?

  2. I think that is extraordinarily unlikely but I guess never say never.

    I’d have just said “No”, I’d never thought of re-running anything until very recently, but we’re running Wing And A Prayer again so let’s see how that goes.

    There’s another blog post to come about the economics of it, though. The UK seems to be a very expensive place to run larps, and while we came within £200 or so of breaking even… That doesn’t account for any of the time the organisers spent on the event, or the film industry professionals on the crew either. I’m intrigued to see how much we reckon it’d have cost at professional rates. A lot of the folk involved in All For One were professionals in fields pretty close to running larps who worked for nothing but love. Designers, directors, art department folk, writers etc…

    I’m sorry we didn’t get the structure across for this run though. Turns out that’s real hard to do effectively.

    Learning, learning, learning…

  3. Ah. Well, I am very sad to hear it is unlikely to run again, but I will keep my fingers crossed nevertheless (and will be first to sign up if it does.)

    I look forward to the post about the economics of it!

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