Daemon (UK) food

I really enjoy food. I love larp. I am prone to showing off. In combination, this means that every now and then I put a load of effort into catering at larp. The genuine ability here is in the folk I persuade to help: notably Rupert Redington, who has actually been employed as a chef,... Continue Reading →

Food at LARP

I've been meaning to write a post on food at larp for some time. By food at larp, I mean not the mass catering element. There's others that know so much more of that than I do. I mean stitching feeding into the body of a larp, so that it's as much a part of... Continue Reading →

Strange Food.

It seems that every two years or so, I'm unable to resist the need to do something ridiculous in the line of catering, and the last couple of times it's been for lrp events. In 2015, Rupert Redington, Pru Greenwood and I did a 50s themed Christmas for Crooked House, and this year Megan Lloyd... Continue Reading →

God Rest Ye Merry Catering

I spent quite a chunk of last weekend working as hard as I have in years to provide the catering for a 1950s Christmas themed ghost-splattered-murder-mystery-social-catharsis larp-event. It was - simply - a stunning effort by Crooked House.┬áMany words have been written about its writing, plotting, props and stories from it will live a long... Continue Reading →

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