Food at LARP

I’ve been meaning to write a post on food at larp for some time. By food at larp, I mean not the mass catering element. There’s others that know so much more of that than I do. I mean stitching feeding into the body of a larp, so that it’s as much a part of the play as possible, as opposed to a break from it.

A chef sleeps; not me as it happens, and not from a larp where I cooked but one of the amazing team who catered for ‘All for one
Simply one of my favourite images of larp, by Tom Garnett, full album here

Every couple of years, I brace myself for actually *taking responsibility* for the food at a larp. I generally blog around those weekends here, because I give them a fair amount of thought I like to have to turn to later.

Then just today, I found someone has already written the article I would have done. All I need do is point you at Göthberg,R and Sandquist S (2017) Food for Thought: Narrative Through Food at Larps, available from [Accessed 28th July 2020]

It’s simply excellent. If anything occurs to add, I’ll make a little list later on.

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