#kp2018 liveblog: Deconstructing Hamlet

A larp based on "The Marxist burlesque" interpretation of Hamlet. Inside Hamlet is almost now a series of larps, a tradition of larps based on the tale of Hamlet, with a design that lurches from theft and plagiarism of design ideas from earlier incarnations and other larps. This is as much of its story as... Continue Reading →

#kp2018: “Larp as a design tool…”

A side-conversation with a psychologist, a designer and a couple of other folk, which hit my professional life so directly, I wonder how much of my airfare I can get on to work's training budget... Maybe if I finish these scribblings into something coherent. Be there: ask the questions. "How are you feeling?" To use... Continue Reading →

#kp2018 liveblog: The costume grinch

This one I am here for on purpose. It's "How to hack for costume larps" - a cheat sheet for accessible costume larps. One of the speakers here is wearing layered black and a headscarf. *Now* I feel at home. Their disclaimers: Costuming is not reenactment. Costuming for larping is impression not accuracy Costuming is... Continue Reading →

#kp2018 liveblog: running a realm

Caught a bit of this. largely by accident. Lessons from an Ars Magica table-top... A Kingdom-sim. Immersionist-simulationist in style. An epoch game! 15 real years in the playing. Three players, one GM, "all three to become king and die. " , in three eras of kingship, with players returning as important advisors to the realm.... Continue Reading →

#kp2018 liveblog: Spaces in between…

John Shockley points out he is old, and has been lrping for 32 years, outside the UK for the last two and a half.... He noted a point of commonality - the spaces in between. Common to UK-tradition and Nordic tradition, he thinks. He has no answer. He wants a thinking. The fundamental assumption -... Continue Reading →

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