#kp2018: Sleep now.

Just before that, I was writing this just outside the lift and had an interesting chat with a historian, Ragnhild Hutchison. She underlined a thing not to forget for Wing and a Prayer - make our big departures from history nice and clear in the de-brief, so all the folk there know what was real... Continue Reading →

#kp2018 liveblog: learning from experience design.

Experience design is born from commercial interests extending commodities (coffee beans), through goods (coffee grounds), to services (McCoffee), to experiences (....artisan coffee shops) to increase profits. How does that cross to larp? eg: build-a-bear is an experience - you pay to make your own product. The build-a-bear experience is *memorable*. eg The Secret Cinema as... Continue Reading →

#kp2018 liveblog: The keynotes…

It starts. Four lightning talks. I'll try keep up... Even more than usual, this is going to be a half-assed attempt at liveblogging - and these words are mine, not theirs. Except occasionally, by accident. I've tried to keep the sense, and lose the first person cos I'm simply not confident any of this is... Continue Reading →

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