#kp2018 liveblog: If in doubt, blog all of the things…

I’ve been here 45 minutes or so, and I’ve already lost my namecard.

Less normal. I am in doubt. I am very much in doubt. I’m clearly amongst my tribe – this is very definitely a theatre of larpers – but this is not comfortable yet. It’s Knutpunkt: a conference of larp that’s been going for 20-odd years; 427 larpers,  27 countries, maybe 20% Knutpunkt newbies like me, and I am honestly not sure I should be here.

What I normally do in these sorts of situations is liveblog everything. So I’ll do that.

If you’re not familiar with the concept, it’s like blogging, but without the care or craft…


Eva Wei starts it up, and she’s brilliant. They are putting a load of effort into making folk feel welcome. Silent applause is in. Very gentle challenges to try something new, and invite newbies in, from Charlotte Brolin. Open chairs, respect for other’s perspectives, inclusivity and intersectionality from Sofie Falk.

“We have a snapchat, for those of you who are that age.”

Thankyou, Sofie. 🙂

First question: what would I like to experience?


(And there’s a great wordthing of what everyone wants to experience, which I manage to miss downloading, but “friends” and “connections” were big.

ETA: A bit of mild voting fraud, and….

The first exercise

The importance of understanding no from anything that isn’t an unequivocal yes. Turn to the person next to you. Ask them a question. They will answer “No”, or anything that isn’t an enthusiastic “Yes.” . Take as a “No”, and take it gracefully.

(Oddly, it’s a lovely ice-breaker.)

So. Blog all of the things. Publish.

Then the first of a series of decisions – The greatest larp that never was or First timers guide to Knutpunkt


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