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I’m a larper. I play and (help) design and run live action roleplaying games. I’ve been meaning to blog about this for ages. Just to empty some of my brain out, so I organise and structure some of how I think about larp a bit. I’m no writer.

But I’ve written a few bits I’ll be bringing over here from elsewhere. This is the first blog post I ever wrote about larp, concerning  a game called “Lion and Serpent” set in an alternate medieval Europe run by NWO games. I wrote it after the last of the 5 game series, May 16th, 2006. It’s an appropriate post to start with, I think, and there’s some themes in here I suspect I’ll return to. In particular, LARP as a story-making machine. There’s definitely more in there.

“NWO. I know this is the nth post, but I can’t leave it quite yet.

It was absolutely marvellous. Everyone I came into contact with raised their game for this last throw of the dice. It had light, it had shade, sadness and joy. One of my favourite things about LRP is the tales of cool stuff you did and saw that you tell down the pub for years to come. And whenever lrpers gather together for years to come, they’ll be talking about the stuff the writers inspired us to do. Everyone I talked too had had their victories, so everyone felt that had achieved, felt positive. I doubt anyone left thinking “I couldn’t have done any better”, but I think a higher proportion than I’ve ever seen before came damned close.

I still don’t like Ilam as a site – too many cars, too many mundanes, and a decent bed isn’t as important for me as for others. My brief was pitched exactly right, but I know I’ve near-drowned in information at at least one of the other events. Because of the wonders we were doing, the refs were noticeable, rather than in the shadows. I still wonder if the shear mind-boggling amount of effort the refs put in is rewarded enough, even by 120 players having an utter blast. But by God it made a great event. And I’ll be reading and re-reading the source material for years to come.

NWO has taught me a substantial amount about roleplaying games. The importance of remaining true to character rather than playing to “win”. That ‘freeformers;’ and ‘lrpers’ have more in common than they think. The importance of stories, of endings. The importance of motivation for action rather than inaction. And that a great roleplaying game is one where all the players know they are writing a story together, and they have the material and inspiration to do a such a great job. Some of which was kinda floating about in my head anyway, but it’s been crystalised.

It’s been a pleasure to have been part of it, and thanks to all who made it happen. Especially to Ian and the writers who gave us all up to a decade of their time to make it happen. Thank you.

Ave atque vale.”

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  1. Was it really 2006? Good grief.. I was talking to a couple of peeps about the Grand this weekend and saying how it was something of an epiphany moment for me as a roleplayer.

    There was a moment where I was given a choice, and as a player I feel it was a “True Choice”. Does my character extinguish his own existence to allow something greater back into the world – knowing that this is what was intended as his destiny, or does he stick two fingers up at history and keep his identity intact?

    My moment came when I realised that to do the latter – whilst entirely reasonable from the pov of the character – didn’t enhance the story being played out. But doing the former created lots of play for lots of people. I didn’t sacrifice my character concept for the sake of having fun, I chose to make other peoples game more fun by grabbing an opportunity.

    Thankfully it was made clear to me that either decision was cool with the writers, but I’m glad I realised that one path made game for others which the other didn’t necessarily do.

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