A teeny musing on the subject of making play for all…

I love writing/running Odyssey, because we have license to experiment. Enforced segmentation was something I particularly wanted in. The idea that you choose a path, and that gives you a specific set of stuff to do, that links to the other path’s stuff to do.

In Odyssey, it’s (loosely) warleaders leading fights and holding territory, champions fighting in the arena, priests meeting the gods, and philosophers entering the special magic place, the world forge.

If, at Odyssey, if all the loud confident shouty people could lead in the arena, _and_ go to meet the gods, _and_ meet strange and secretive folk who hang out in the world forge… Then IMHO – there’s a danger that the slightly-less-loud-and-shouty people wouldn’t have as much to do. Because the loud-and-shouty-folk would have done it all, or as much play telling the loud-and-shouty-folk what they’d done. Or lying about what they’d done.

I’m pretty sure that Empire won’t have it, but I’m glad we tried it out…

One thought on “A teeny musing on the subject of making play for all…

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  1. I think it was implemented very well. Even though I played a philosopher I never felt pigeon holed or limited in what I could do.

    If I needed to talk to a god, I’d go find a priest to ask as an intermediary.

    I even got into a philosopher knife fight at one point šŸ˜‰

    “I’ll show YOU an oxymoron, you existential bastard!” *stab*

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