I should get round to writing something about it, really.

Still, nice to get a namecheck for the Empire promo, even if they didn’t use the HU version…

Nick Bradbeer said “Interestingly, Eve Online already does quite a lot of the things suggested (player-interaction focus, world-scale problems without clear solutions, player representatives to influence game direction, death have significant consequences) – and shares a number of problems with fest-scale LARP:
– getting into the game as a newbie can be difficult,
– players not interested in PvP getting ganked by players who are can put those players off the game.
– communications external to the game become as (or more) important than the game itself.
– overly-stable power blocs can form, making it difficult for small groups or individuals to have an impact.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that making MMORPGs more like fest LARPS may well solve some of the problems of MMORPGs, but it brings with it the same problems fest LARPs tend to”

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