Roleplaying in *videogames* Good god, folks!

Leaving this here for later.
With a specific reminder to think about this gem and how it’s bloody good advice for larp:

Grant calls it “the capacity to improvise and adapt and come up with, ‘How would my character feel in this situation?’ rather than ‘My character wouldn’t do this! Fuck this, I’m off!’” To some roleplayers this idea’s anathema. Rationalizing and accepting things that initially seem like they will break your character concept suggests a kind of intellectual fraud, a distance between the player and character that’s artificial. Grant disagrees. “Once you can start rationalizing things you get into a really interesting space because you stop finding reasons why you can’t and start finding reasons why you did, and that’s just a better story.”

And how it relates to Yes, and, and not closing the story off – not dropping the ball, I think in one exercise from long, long ago…?,_and…

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