The Quota: guest posts

Helly and Rob came for dinner and we talked about bleak Nordic prison larps. I said “shall we do one?” and Helly said “Actually, I have this idea…”

So said Simon Brind.

The Quota was “a live role-play experience designed to explore some of the pressures and crisis points experienced by refugees and migrants”

I’ve been watching posts about it by folk who were there float past on Facebook, and rather than lose them… I’m going to stick them here, because I think it was a larp that’s important and it’d be a shame to lose them.

Crewing The Quota by Sarah Cook

Crewing The Quota by Charlie Holdway

Playing The Quota by Julian Lynch

Crewing The Quota by Dani Mines

Crewing The Quota by Erin Marsh

A Facebook note, by Woody Bevan, on Facebook

A blog post elsewhere, by Rachel Thomas

You’ll also find photos from the event here.

Said Roberto Bean:

Whilst this was an experience designed to create discussion and self reflection there is another side.

Once we have had time to recover this week we’ll be donating any profit, which we hope will be a nice figure to this charity. They have supported us and openly supported larp as something that can be important and is not just an outsider activity.

If you can help them please do.

Worth a look at this last word on their fundraising from co-organiser Martine Svanevik.

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