Daemon (UK) food

I really enjoy food. I love larp. I am prone to showing off. In combination, this means that every now and then I put a load of effort into catering at larp. The genuine ability here is in the folk I persuade to help: notably Rupert Redington, who has actually been employed as a chef,... Continue Reading →

All for encryption

I can't recall the first time I used cryptography in a larp, but it was a good 20 years ago. Some players like the puzzle solving, some don't, no-one likes struggling with something that for plot reasons is actually impossible. Tricksy.Experience suggests the simplest cipher - the Caesar - is easily breakable in a field... Continue Reading →

Odyssey for Larpgeist

Follows an article written for larpgeist magazine in 2011... I can't find it on the Internet anywhere, so here it goes. Publish. It's a bit dated, but then it was 8 years ago.

More from the tombs…

Some more thinking about Odyssey from the files of the Wayback Machine, this time from Ian Andrews and myself. Apparently, we thought it was a game back then.

Crewing The Quota: guest post by Erin Marsh

Another crew experience.... "It is a Thursday afternoon, sunny, warm. I am not outside soaking it up, instead I’m elbows deep in a suitcase, rummaging through someone’s underwear looking for chocolate and hard drugs." "Fake drugs, just to put that out there - tic tacs or sugar in little baggies, usually. I am crewing an... Continue Reading →

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