Another bit of self-indulgence: Odyssey this time.

Photograph by Charlie Moss from Profound Decisions’ last ever Odyssey LARP. You can support their photography by heading over to Patreon and becoming a Patron.

A Moment, if you like. Not scripted, not scheduled, but brought into being by a Story team on the top of their game, and a player leaning in to a trope…

It was the last event of the Odyssey system. I’d played King Minos, the MC of the arena since the first event. 7 years, 13 events, 500 or so arena combats witnessed. I’d never taken the floor in anger.

Some marvellous member of the Odyssey story team introduced the ritual “Summon an Atlantean to fight alongside you”. A fabulous PC asked the Court who they’d get if they cast it.

The king’s champion started moving on the assumption it’d be them.

Minos stepped forward, said “It is the end of the Age. I will fight for you”.

…no way was Harry going to let the system go without getting in a scrap. 

The combat was due in a half hour or so. I knew Roberto Bean had brought some jelly-mold armour from somewhere, so I had that, and I needed to get something to wear on my head. There wasn’t a helmet to fit.

…so, that mask was knocked up in about half an hour, on the day, by…. Someone. I’ve tried to to find out who to no avail.

It was packed into an ic box, and smuggled into the arena ready room, where the Atlanteans stayed out of the sun in between fights.

I was in the middle of the Arena.

As usual, I called for priests to announce the combatants, and the Philosopher cast their ritual in front of the crammed stands. A ritual to call on an Atlantean to fight….

“Bring me my armour!”

King Minos, Odyssey XIII

I am not sure what *really* happened, but in my mind the stands are going nuts as I am strapped into breast and back plate, and my face is covered with the Golden Mask. Dionysis had been killed the day before – I think? Honestly, I can’t remember, but it was recently. There are photos somewhere of my face as this NPC, a worshipper of Dionysis who’d tried and failed to kill their god centuries before, striped with blood and ashes.

“Bring the Labrys”

King Minos, Odyssey XIII

The labrys axe was the tribute for a city of the ancient world, held by the warleader of the band who were owed that city’s allegiance, having won it in a previous arena combat. It was in the stand, it was handed to me. I am *pretty* sure no-one had seen me fight with it before.

Sadly for the PC, I can’t fight for toffee, still less fight with an axe, and I think I got two hits in before being floored by some giant of a Spartan.

But so it goes.

I got my scene. And yet more Odyssey scenery got chewed.

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