A counter-point between UK and Nordic traditions. WIP.

Even by my low standards this month, this is a lazy, lazy post. It’s simply three axes to contrast a “UK lrp” with a “Nordic larp”.

It’s not developed any more than that. It doesn’t even define the 6 axis-end points, really. It only kinda recognises that UK and Nordic folk are quite happily running larps which aren’t within “their’ tradition, or solely within what I perceive as “their” tradition, playing larps which aren’t within “their’ tradition, and are playing within “their” tradition in larps which *aren’t* within their tradition by organiser intent… And vice versa! And that I’ve been *all* of these Dreadful Offenders at one point or another.

I’ve not had the decency to search for anyone who has made more of an effort to have the same internal conversation that I’m having. However, if I press “Publish”, it’ll be out there and I can make it better… I’ll probably mention it on Facebook and get other people to write it.

But still. It’s either this or it sits in “draft posts” forever.

(UK ‘tradition” on the left, Nordic on the right…)

Performative vs immersive

Competitive vs. collaborative

Entertaining vs meaningful

(Yes, it’s reminiscent of the Mixing Desk Of Larp too. I’m waving metaphorical pom-poms all over the assertion that “The Mixing Desk is driven by the idea that design is about making conscious choices.” Thirteen seems like a lot to me, is all.)

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