All For Anvil

Somewhat oddly, given it’s at least larp-ish, I didn’t mention this year’s first project here.

It was my son Bill’s idea – an adventure book called “All For Anvil”. designed to teach folk about the Empire game rules and world. To my great joy, and Bill’s delight, it got successfully funded on Kickstarter.

All For Anvil: the two existing booklets it’s based on, a mock up of the IC version front cover on top of the red pleather we’ll use by default on the vegan version, and a dummy of the leather covered edition in red “mock croc”.

If you want to be told when spare copies become available – do fill in this form to let me know.

We promised that by the end of April, “Bill will say thanks to everyone who’s bought any reward, in a short video we’ll release to my blog where backers will be listed in person” Here goes…

Bill says thanks!

We also promised folk who just wanted to “Help out a bit”, that “Using a random number generator from the order in which backers get listed, we’ll pick a random backer to receive a softback book, signed by the IC author. That’ll be delivered to an Empire event in 2020.”

So I did that today.

Congratulations Carolyne Le Mare!

Thanks again, everyone!

One of these days, I may also get round to blogging about running the Kickstarter itself – I felt I learned a lot worth sharing.

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