A Midwinter Night’s Dream: an online larp

Once upon a time, there was an event called “Twilight Theatre”, the pitch of which was “The fae are real, they’re waking up, and their magic is based on performance.” The dream of Helly and Rob, it ran for a couple of events in a pub theatre in Camden and I had the bucket-list role of Oberon. I don’t really do clubs, but by golly it was a blast. With last year’s Fairyland, Clare Evans and David Kibblewhite reminded me how much fun it was. In first lock-down this year, I went to a Secret Sofa and genuinely enjoyed dancing in my chair to a magnificent set by Caz Coronel. Somewhat later, I got a bit into Eschaton but defeated by time zone. Twilight Theatre called to me, I called friends at Carcosa Dreams, and, well, here we are. Pressing go on an actual online larpish experience.

Carcosa Dreams & LARPX are proud to announce:

A Midwinter Night’s Dream, December 21st 2020.

** **

It is midwinter 2020 and as the tide of darkness ebbs, mortals and fae share a celebration. The painted, the glittered, and the sparkling. The knife-eared, the antlered, and the winged.

When the music’s over, something in the faerie realm will have changed forever.

Until the dancing is done, no-one’ll know what.

*** ***

A Midwinter Night’s Dream is an online club night, with a theme of wonder and faerie magic. It’s 2 hours of music and entertainment to light the longest dark of the year. Our DJs will raise you up, you’ll show up dressed for fantasy and magic, and we’ll offer you a story to make as much or as little yours as you’d like.

Tickets are £15, and come with a box of physical (or virtual, once we run out) trinkets and momentos, some or all of which may be handy in the story to come.

Bookings are open at https://midwinter.carcosadreams.com/

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