How to fix the “wrong” larp: A guest post by Eva Wei

I’m just back from Knutpunkt 2022, the Nordic Larp conference. I went in 2018, and just blogged the hell out of it. This time, not so much, but I did catch a couple of excellent sessions that need recording.
This one was “How to fix the “wrong” larp”, an evening panel anchored by the incomparable Eva Wei – seriously, she is a really good facilitator. The panel was Ilan Norwood, Karijn van der Heij and Linnea Fredin. Essentially – this is what to do if you aren’t enjoying a larp. Interestingly, no-one mentioned Aquarion’s advice – which I guest-posted here – “Leave”. I guess there’s an optimism all is fixable, or maybe folk travel longer for their larps on the continent, and it’s simply not an option.


There was more discussion than this, but these are her bullets…

  • Speaking with the organisers
  • Drink port wine
  • Blankets
  • Be proactive
  • Make your own priorities
  • Do more of the things you think is good
  • Have a morning meeting/check in with your group
  • Try to reset your expectations
  • Seek out your friends
  • Sit in a corner and wait for people (not for everyone)
  • Offer to help organise or NPC
  • Re-read your character sheet, you probably missed something
  • Calibrate your relations
  • Spontaneous love-plots!
  • Have a nap
  • Talk to your friends or to your safety hosts
  • Concentrate on playing lift other characters
  • Seek out someone you know you have chemistry 
  • Strike up a conversation with a unlikely character
  • Have a (smoking) break
  • Make a terrible choice for your character
  • Stab someone (ingame!)
  • See if any smokers are bored
  • Sit down next to a random person who’s sitting alone and strike up a conversation
  • Have food and drink water

I wish I’d taken a photo now.

(Also from Knutpunkt 2022 – this lovely deck from Arvid et al which I put here so I’ll remember where it is.)

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