The Game of Roses 2: Early post-its and call for crew

Long live Edward, 4th of that name. Crowned today, 1461.

A York, a York!

The die is well and truly cast now. Another meeting with Duncan last week, firming up a budget, and getting a list of crew roles together.

One for each of the factions we think we’ll be using, one for each of the “iconic locations” we need to represent somehow, and a pack for Cheapside, the shared, dry area makes 12 minimum, plus more as long as we can feed them and pay their expenses etc, within budget. Oh, and two of us in “Control”, which I’m now thinking isn’t enough. Anyway.crewroles

Sent out the “Call for Crew” to a few folk. Ideally, we’re looking for people who know lrp, can act, have taught, and know the history. Oddly, these are in reasonably short supply, but we know a fair few who cover at least three of the bases.

The text of the call was as follows. (As a side-effect, the game now has a name. The name is my fault.)

Next month, I’m off to the 40th birthday of a couple of lrpers Ive known for years. The place will be crawling with potential playtesters for the mechanical bits of it, so we have a solid deadline for a card-game version. I’ve often said “You can’t playtest a fest”: this game? I think it’ll need it. Three runs in one day is too much to ask without some examination beforehand.

The Game of Roses

Game of Roses is an educational live roleplaying event set in 1483, at the climax of the Wars of the Roses.

Fifty 6th form history students will be introduced to the events of the year, and explore different possible outcomes to the war through the interactive medium of live roleplay.

The event will play out over a night and a day.

On the Friday evening, students will be introduced to the warring parties of the time, and to the idea of affecting a narrative through roleplay.

On the Saturday, the events of 1483 will be explored three times. In each exploration, every student will take the role of a historical figure of the period, and seek to achieve that character’s goals through semi-structured improvisation: live roleplay. As a result, they will learn more about the historical record of events, and more about the motivations of those who shaped the story of the time. Each exploration proposes a different personality for Richard of Gloucester, and what results in each is down to the students.

The event requires a crew of in order to assist the students in driving the story along. Some crew will be needed as functionaries of the story: town criers, rabble rousers, gossips, heralds, etc. One crew member will be placed in each of a number of factions where students will be grouped to represent the historical powers of the time. These crew are there to inspire students to action, rather than lead them. One crew member will administer each of the iconic locations of the struggle: the Tower where the princes were imprisoned, the Abbey where Elizabeth Woodville took refuge, the Palace where parliament met, etc. These crew members will record what happens in each of these locations, as students’ historical characters take the actions that decide…

Who wins, who dies, and is there any middle ground?

The event will run on the weekend of the 16th-18th September, at Dadford Camp site in Buckinghamshire. Crew will be provided with food and hot beverages, and it is essential they act appropriately for the student audience while “on the field”. A familiarity with live roleplaying is highly desirable. Ideally, crew will also be conversant with the history of the time, but briefing material to cover the essentials will be available. Payment for time and travel will be made.

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