Collapsible tips and “stab safety”…

I’m not myself a fan of the term “stab safe”. Nothing is really safe, but it’s usage makes it so. Nothing need be dangerous, if handled correctly. I’ve had fights that felt perfectly safe using metal weapons, I’ve seen concussion delivered by a badly used latex/foam thing.


But some things are safer than others, and if you’d like to have thrusting weapons in your lrp combat than there’s ways of making it safer by building your weapons to have collapsible tips. It’s like a magic of mixed foam specifications. Like Chobham armour in reverse. Kinda.

As David Thorn said when I broached the subject on Facebook “Any weapon is only as safe as the dickhead using it”


“They’re also definitely on the braver end of safety choices.”, said a wise ref. They aren’t “safe”, they’re “safer”, but sometimes with some folk using them that’s absolutely fine and dandy.

It came up in conversation about a larp I’m involved in, and what we’d say about the subject if anyone asked…

“Stab Safe specifications. Do we just take it out or do we make some reference to having purchased it from a reputable supplier or words to a similar effect. I don’t know what the actual specifications would be.”

“I wonder if any system has published handy specs?”

I’d entirely forgotten – but Si White remembered that Odyssey had some words that were – if not a spec. then a guide to manufacture.

They’re in Odyssey’s weapon and armour safety rules

And they’re by Graham Headly, who knows more about weapon manufacture than most, and who you can find here.

Tom Hancocks explains it thus:


So there’s that too.

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  1. if you combine it with the odc stuff you can make it work 🙂 mostly my addition to the process is the V of the ld45 section to cup the soft foam to increase glue area and protect from ripping a bit

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