10 questions, my answers

Came across this in a failed Facebook search to find something else. Leaving it here in case anyone asks.

1. Who was your first LARP character?

The first one whose name I can actually remember, was Soddit the berserker – who was named when a very bored admin at Peckforten Castle asked me for a character name, and I had no ideas…

2. Your favourite NPC role?

Caine of Teutonia. The LT was the game that never ended, where OC you’d be fighting so your faction could play the game it wanted to play, and *also* a game of “Who was top faction?” IC. Which is a horrible way to run things, but god it was fun sometimes. Winning a Gathering battle we had no business winning, after a torrid weekend backstage, is my best moment bar none in lrp-as-game. I was actually, literally, jumping for joy and I am not a natural jumper.

My preferred playstyle is “NPC”, I guess. Holding the coats so other people can play their game is extremely rewarding – Minos, John Of Meade – but Caine was a labour of love as well.

3. Current characters most prized possession?

(John Of Meade) Senate motion papers. Everyone knows accurate paperwork in a field is impossible, and to prove them all wrong 4 events a year since Empire began – and 2 events a year for the 7 years of Odyssey – continues to delight.

4. How many shoes have you ruined?

I run out of fingers counting – I think the one that got *most* ruined was the one they cut off my broken leg in 2001, though.

5. How long have you been larping?

36 years, I think. It might only be 35. It’s a bit hazy that far back in time…

6. First in game experience?

Fighting interminable antagonists with sword and board – a wooden shield, of course, that wasn’t entirely safe for a berserker even then.

7. What Disney character is yours like?


8. If you could play ANYTHING what would you play?

Thief. It’s the thrill of assassin, without the cramping someone else’s game quite so permanently

9. What fictional world would you like to larp in and why?

Camorr, I think. See (8)

10. Weapon of choice?

Factions, or bill if your definition of weapon is more personal.

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