Minos’ speech.

Another scrap of stuff that was on Facebook, and is now somewhere I can find it. This is what I can remember of a speech Minos used to give before big, important fights at Odyssey, and what it meant…

“The people of the Middle Sea are watching”

(So make it look good.)

“The Drowned Dead are watching!”

(…and take your hits. The Drowned Dead were the field refs at Odyssey – they all wore robes so looked in-game, even though they had no in-game interactions.)

“The God themselves are watching.”

(As are the Story Team. Probably. The team was usually at least represented in the arena stands.)

“The floor of the arena glows with quintessence!”

(You’re probably all magically enhanced, so if someone looks to have a shit load of hits, they might well actually have a shit load of hits. Don’t sweat it. “Quintessence” was Odyssey’s magical power-source. In most UK games, it’d be called mana.)

“Fire in the heart, ice in the head!”

(…and pull your blows.)

“Are you not entertained?”

(…and I am dreadful drama whore, and some of this arena remains unchewed.)

Which ended up in the arena at the final event as this;

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